Low Cost Scheduling

(This page is work in progress)

We accomplish the complex process of Dantzig’s model based workforce scheduling using inexpensive hardware and state of the art open-source (free) software.

    • HardwareRaspberry Pi, a $25 dollar credit card size single board computer with low power consumption. This piece of hardware is not kid stuff anymore. With the introduction of Pi 3, this device has serious computing power to handle major tasks. Our scheduler set up consisting of
      1. Raspberry Pi 3
      2. 32 GB Class 10 micro SD card hard drive loaded with Linux and other software listed below
      3. ethernet/WiFi connection to a router

      runs apache web server and an instance of a MySql database that serves both our site and our Android apps. The binary executables generated are directly compatible with ARM processors running Android in phones and tablets. This device is also used as a development machine in tandem for developing call center workforce scheduling software based on Dantzig’s model employing C#, C, C++ and Python. Examples of our Android apps developed on Pi 3 are shown on the right.
      Raspberry Pi

    • Software: The following open source software packages are used in our development: Ubuntu 15.10, GLPK, COIN-OR CBC, Mono, MonoDevelop, Python, IDLE, XMLRPC, PHP, GnuPlot, FFTW3, APACHE2, MySQL, MATPLOT Lib, RabbitMQ, Node.js.