Service Offering

We provide the following services.

Low cost scheduling using inexpensive hardware and state of the art open source software

Exhancements and extensions to Dantzig’s model

Windows, web and Office applications as they apply to full scale development and deployment of Dantzig’s model described in our publication and other optimization scenarios. Customizations with full back-end support using MS SQL server and MySQL.

Cloud-based Scheduling

Software development geared towards linear optimization problems on publicly available cloud servers or Microsoft cloud servers running on Windows Azure platform

Android App Development

Call center cloud based scheduling App development for Android tablets and phones using open source optimizers such as GLPK, COIN-OR Cbc, and NEOS solvers.

Discrete event simulators

Discrete event simulation component development for embedded applications: Stochastic tools for call centers and manufacturing systems, specialized low cost components without having to rely on exotic and expensive tools

Software development

Microsoft technologies: Microsoft Office 2007/2010 based VSTO development, specialized C# components for scientific and engineering applications, Windows/web/GUI development, service oriented app development, LINQ and SQL, Silverlight.


Engineering and scientific applications: Finite element modeling, Linear and Non-linear optimization, applications involving lumped ODE and distributed PDE systems all the way from selecting appropriate models, algorithms, and numerical techniques available in open literature and/or incorporating clients in-house properietary reaseach. Complete turn key solutions.