Validate Erlang C formula

In this page we valiadte ErlangC analytical formaula using Monte-Carlo simulation ( this page is work in progress):

    A call volume arrives at the rate of 500 cals in 15 minutes for ever

  1. The average service time for calls is assumed to be 5 minutes

  2. The service level is 80% and wait time is 20 seconds

  3. Erlang C formula tells us we need 176 agents to achieve this service level (The actual service level will be 80.283% with an ASA of 11.807 seconds)

  4. Using Monte-Carlo simulation we would like to see if this service is achieved with 176 agents to handle a call volume that arrives at a rate of 500 calls per 15 minutes for ever

(Caution – this will take roughly 5 minutes to finish)